Back to school:
Resilience, Relationships and Emotional Wellbeing Programme

Post-Covid and on reintegration back to school, your pupils’ wellbeing will need careful planning and support. We understand the experiences that they may have had and the possible mental implications connected to these. That’s why we have devised a programme that targets three important areas for the best transition and mental wellness success; Resilience, Relationships and Emotional Wellbeing.
  • Tailored to your pupils and schools’ needs
  • Weekly, 8 – week interactive fun sessions involving Science, games and self- discovery
  • Evidence-based approaches in line with Public Health, Ofsted and DfE for real impact
  • Mentally sustainable goals through staff training for a positive journey ahead, (1 staff meeting required)
  • Delivered by a trained, experienced teacher and youth mental health expert in your area!
  • Inclusive for all ages and abilities (R, KS1 & KS2)
Staff wellbeing in classroom

Staff Wellbeing – Positive Mental Health in the Workplace – Senior Leaders Training

To become a sustainably well school, Generation Be offers training for senior leaders. In this training, and following a staff questionnaire, we will focus on the main areas of staff wellbeing related to the management and leadership of your workplace in order to develop a collaborative, open and supportive environment and positive wellbeing for all. These include:
  • Statistics of staff wellbeing and mental health in education
  • A deep dive into setting work culture, behaviour, curriculum planning, data management, communications, expectations, pace of change, policy and school management and workload.
  • Action plan for any of the following: mental health and wellbeing policy, supportive environments, signposting and mental health support, relationships & support.
  • Understanding and identifying mental health risks in your workplace, including SDP analysis and improvement in relation to wellbeing
  • Evidence-based methods and practice to support mental health and a positive working environment including scenario-based discussions
  • Justification and pledge of a well-led, mentally healthy school
  • Whole school initial, fluid action plan

Staff Wellbeing – Positive Mental Health in the Workplace

Generation Be offers training for all staff, specific to their wellbeing and mental health needs. This valuable training will identify areas of need through an anonymous questionnaire. From these findings, we will create training, specific to your areas of need focusing on;
  • Common, identified areas of need in your school. This could be and include: work load, working hours, organisational culture, pupil behaviour, confidence in sharing stress/ unmanageable mental health issues, mental health support, pace of change, sense of worth (from both a team level and personal level), relationships & support, work-life balance, job satisfaction, work culture or consistent policy and school management.
  • Understanding and identifying mental health risks in your workplace.
  • The effect of mental health issues on our role as educators.
  • Taking steps to reduce mental health including practical methods and techniques.
  • Building your own, individual mental health toolbox including stress management tools.

Staff Wellbeing – Understanding Mental Health in the school

Here we will look at the key areas of need in relation to mental health for Primary and Secondary pupils. Although every child’s experience and mental state is unique, this training is to gain an understanding of each key area so that you can confidently and competently identify, monitor and support. These areas will include;;
  • Definition of mental health
  • Influences and risk factors including ACE’s
  • The developing brain
  • The impact of stress, toxic stress and trauma
  • Understanding mental health conditions in young people: Anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, self-harm, bereavement & grief.
  • Identifying and an open discussion of key behaviours in the classroom.
  • Understanding the mental health continuum and plotting students in your class.
  • Supporting whole class, groups and individuals through methods including practical, movement-based tools and techniques.
  • Opportunities to plan a way forward for your school using techniques by embedding into the school’s timetable.

Whole School Community
Enabling Positive Wellbeing for all


Creating a culture of openness, diversity, respect and compassion our whole school Positive Programme is suitable for all levels of staff. ?We will cover:

  • Factors effecting mental health and conditions in young people
  • Healthy and unhealthy behaviour, understanding emotions and regulating behaviours for positive mental wellbeing
  • Practical, movement-based techniques to improve class focus and learners’ behaviours and attitudes
  • Techniques and approaches that support your role as educator and empowers all for optimum life and learning
  • Training can be tailored to your schools’ needs to ensure purposeful, targeted pedagogy and behaviour management
  • 1:1/ group regulatory interventions to calm body and mind ready for engaged learners
  • Games and collaborative activities to nurture personal and social wellbeing
  • Opportunities to plan a way forward as a school community

Assemblies – Empowering Environments

With a view to bring the whole school community together, these interactive, reflective assemblies are a great starter to making positive shifts to your school culture.

  • 6 assemblies that focus on 6 key areas including mindfulness, behaviours and human values.
  • A fun way to learn practical tools to manage emotions and mental health both at school and at home.
  • Students will come away better understanding themselves mentally, emotionally, physically and biologically.
  • Offering a whole school approach, benefiting staff and children.
  • Includes 1 x staff meeting prior to assemblies taking place to introduce and work with staff for contextualised targets.


These fun, interactive workshops are a great way to introduce techniques to help support mental wellbeing.
These could include:

  • Themed weeks (Mental Health Awareness, Wellbeing, Health, Active Wellbeing Week)
  • Focused workshops designed specifically to support the needs of your school, eg, growth mindset, self-awareness, determination, resilience, kindness, gratitude, anxiety and exams.

Classes and Groups

These weekly sessions have a real focus on fusing Physical Education and Mental Health through a movement-based programme. Half classes for a half term block recommended. PE Premium eligible.

  • Movement-based therapy draws upon the arts of Tai Chi and Qigong (both recognised as a Sport for England)
  • Each session follows a plan: Class, group or paired activity, personal activity, warm-up, movement flow, breath work & reflection
  • Engaging resources and equipment are used specifically to deepen the experience on a mental and emotional level.

After School Club – Bubble Club

Coming from a mindful intention, Bubble Club draws on experiences for children to explore, play and work with their thoughts, feelings and choices through creative avenues. Sessions include:

  • Movement flow inspired by the arts of Tai Chi and Qigong, breathing techniques and mindfulness exercises to help manage life?s ups and downs at school, at home, anywhere!
  • Creative, mindful-based crafts and games.
Bubble Club      

Individuals – All can achieve and be happy

We support individual children who are most in need. Being SEND Diploma qualified and Youth Mental Health First Aid trained, we can help those who are most vulnerable. We offer:

  • Offer 1:1 targeted support and interventions
  • Temporary or ongoing support to help them thrive
  • Inclusive plans that are set in line with their mental, emotional, learning needs and behaviours
  • We liaise with school staff to establish impact and next steps

Year 6 & Year 11
Time Out Programme

These final years at primary and secondary school can be stressful, can cultivate levels of anxiety and lack of self-worth.
Our Time out Programme offers:

  • A 6-weekly plan created specifically to encourage students to reflect, discuss and plan the way forward in a positive way.
  • Develop and practice real strategies and tools to support them during exams and transition.
  • Opportunities for ‘down time’ through tailored mind-body practices.

Holiday Family Wellness Workshops

Half term and holiday breaks can leave carers feeling fatigued and frazzled. We’ve created these workshops to give you a little respite:

  • Each workshop offers 3-4 interactive and fun activities that are planned to suit the time of year
  • Ran by qualified Teachers, Elsa’s and other school-related staff
  • These activities may range from yoga, crafts, forest school, cooking, hoop and movement therapy
  • All are welcome to join in (Adult must attend and supervise their child/ren)

Families – A consistent approach for all

We understand the importance of consistency and relationships spanning the whole of the the childs life, that’s why we offer support for families too:

  • We will come to your home
  • We will support in relation to mental health and wellbeing for behaviours, relationships, specific SEND and SEMH identifications.
  • After an initial consultation, a bespoke plan will be created to meet the needs of the family unit. Sessions will then take place to help build a positive family network for all involved.